Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year Blessings

Bolivia mission aviation has seen a downpour of blessings these past few months. Though it was not my intent to keep silent, I would like to give you an update on current progress. We have truly taken some big steps forward! Back in August it was decided to take the one and only airplane we had functioning in Bolivia, back to the states to receive its annual inspection. Since then, new opportunities have arisen which have changed our plans completely.

Our permanent Bolivian airplanes for a very long time where not able to fly due to a problem with importation documents. This affected three airplanes that sat for years waiting to receive papers so they could be flown. About two months ago, the Lord saw it fit to deliver these absolutely vital papers into our hands. We now have three imported airplanes for Bolivia, so the race is on to get them airworthy and functioning again.

Two Cessna 182 aircraft where transported by truck to our property to start annual inspections. They had been sitting at a small airport, along with our Mooney, for nearly three years.  Steve Wilson, our Director of Maintenance had his hands full in taking wings off and on these airplanes in order to be transported (see his blog for more information). Eventually both airplanes were trucked out to our runway. Flying them in was not possible due to other reasons. Our third aircraft, a Mooney, is scheduled to be flown out of its current location early this month for its annual inspection as well.

Also, we are in the beginning stages of building a hanger for these airplanes. Three weeks ago, land was cleared of trees on the hanger site. This week cement footings were put in place for the shipping containers that will serve as walls as well as storage for our hanger. And just today, the containers where lifted by crane and put on those footings. Next week we expect the roof to go up.

There has been so much happening these past few months. The Lord has surely been good to us! I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us in this New Year. I know this is not the end of our struggles, but if we remain faithful, the Lord will continue to bless no matter what the odds or the amount needed!

Herman Gonzalez
Chief Pilot-Bolivian Low lands
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Herman Gonzalez
Gospel Ministries International
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