Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Hanger

Like many new projects, the hanger project started as a thought, a dream. The hanger initially was to be a small single airplane structure. Gradually as more thought was put into it, the dimensions grew but the amount of money to start the project remained the same, a big zero. But, not having enough money has always been part of the struggle, and if we let that keep us from building this hanger, there would be no hanger today.

After deciding where best to put the hanger, Steve and I settled on building it right next to the pilot house. For security reasons, this would be a better spot for keeping thief’s out, but would require us to clear jungle. If we had chosen the original spot next to the runway that was already clear, it would have been that much easier, but nothing ever comes easy in the mission field.

So, we set out with machetes in hand to clear out land, yet not knowing where all the money was going to come from. This was the place to build a hanger for the airplanes that had just been transported by truck and were now sitting in front of the house. For a few days we chopped and burned and pulled out stumps and kept telling ourselves, “do you think this is far enough into the jungle to fit the hanger?”

As we worked, David Gates sent us word that a significant donation to start construction on the hanger had come in. Soon he was at the hanger site. He drew some plans in the dirt and made stick airplanes with approximate scale dimensions. We used those to calculate how much room the airplanes would need and how big the hanger needed to be. No fancy computer program needed :) It was finally decided that enough room should be allowed for three airplanes to fit. All three of our airplanes were going to fit now in our very own hanger on our very own airstrip!

The rest of the story has been documented and presented in previous blogs. The hardest part in any project is getting started. We sometimes dream, but soon become discouraged by lack of funding. The Lord is faithful to give us what we need in line with his infinite wisdom. If we faithfully push forward in something that will bring him the glory, sooner or later it is bound to be grated. The hanger in Bolivia is proof of that kind of faith. With no money the thought was dreamed, and with not enough money the project started. This is a small testimony to other projects in Bolivia and around the world. The Lord always rewards those who have the faith to make the first move.

Most of the roof skeleton in place.

Half-way there.
View from inside the house.

Adding the two by eighteen meters of brick floor to the front of the hanger.

Picture taken on a cloudy day, but here is the finished product.

Now we need to plant grass seed and level the taxiway.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Bolivia. Including the return to service of our airplanes and first take-off from the ADvenir runway!

Herman Gonzalez
Chief Pilot-Bolivian Low lands
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Herman Gonzalez
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