Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hanger and Ferry update

Here are pictures of progress on the hanger. Though it was very hot at the start of construction, we have now hit rainy season and the roof has been delayed by rain. Plans are set to get it finished up this week and hopefully will have pictures of the roof on soon.

The Mooney was also ferried on the 31st of January, last month. It was a huge relief to finally get it moved. Steve put many hours into getting the airplane ready, going back and forth checking and rechecking. The flight was non eventful, lasting less than 10 minutes. We are thankful that it is now in a hanger awaiting parts and inspection.

Hot days! Steve, Lincoln, and Warren.

Finally, after struggling to figure out how to best go about laying the brick, an Argentinian missionary had the solution.

Lincoln pitching in.

First third complete!
Getting the ground level was half the battle.

Ruben, missionary from Argentina. He and his wife Romina are helping the aviation and ADvenir projects for the second time.

Ivan, another Argentinian missionary who came to help with the hanger in his second missionary trip to Bolivia.

Ruben tapping bricks.
Almost there!

Right before Ivan had to leave. He really wanted to see the floor finished!

Nearly 10,000 brick laid in 6 days.

God is good!

The roof supports were moved after weeks of welding, ready to be lifted into place.

Can you picture it now?

The roof will be strong enough to support a hoist and lift an engine if need be.

Mooney ferry out of KM.7 to El Trompillo. Plane had not flown in over 3 years.

We still need to install two more meters of brick the whole width at the front of the hanger. With the roof on we should have no problem working, rain or shine, and airplane inspections can continue. Please pray with us that funds will be available to finish this work by months end. The Lord has graciously been sending differing amounts of money to keep the work going. Also, help has arrived at just the right times. Things are changing in Bolivia, and we need to be on our guard, as the enemy will not like these new efforts to restart the work God has for the aviation project. Thought constant prayer, faith, and vigilance we pray that we can get this project moving full force and fulfill his calling to Bolivia.

Herman Gonzalez
Chief Pilot-Bolivian Low lands
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Herman Gonzalez
Gospel Ministries International
Project Name: Bolivia Mission Aviation
874 South McDonald, TN 37353
1 (423) 473-1841 or 1 (423) 473-1842