Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Countdown

Work on the airplanes has started and already we see the finish line for our first airplane. The annual inspection on the Cessna Turbo 182 is wrapping up, and soon hopes to see it fly out of our runway. Just a few weeks ago, we had trouble importing all of the necessary parts for our three airplanes. Since the airplanes had been sitting for so long due to problems with customs, annual inspections were now due. This meant taking parts off and sending them to the states to be inspected and overhauled. Then there were the new parts to be bought, adding to thousands of dollars that would need to make it back into Bolivia, and on top of that, thousands more on duty fees. The task was daunting, but with a great team of volunteers the Lord provided, we were able to get it all back into Bolivia and the new hardware as well.

Notice the nose wheel is off for repairs.
A tangled mess and DJ's bed.

The Cessna Turbo 182 was the first to get its annual. It was the closest to being ready so we jumped on it the moment we had the parts. DJ Knott, a Pilot/Mechanic who has been helping us with the shipping of parts in the states and long time GMI missionary, came down with his wife Jodi to help us get the airplanes flying. 

The nose wheel getting some grease on the scaffolding board work bench.
 We are also expecting additional help in the coming weeks to get the Mooney flying as well as the other Cessna 182. The Lord has blessed us tremendously with not only the resources, but also the vital help that is needed on such a large project. Everything has come in at just the right time with just the right amounts. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord wants to see these airplanes flying, and we are working as fast as we can to do his will.

The main gear getting much needed help.

DJ inspecting the inside of a wing. Steve found a couple wasps nest, a rats nest, and other no-no's.

While the airplanes are being worked on, David Gates flew in a Cessna 340, a twin-engine airplane that makes international flights, to do some flights that were desperately needed in and around Bolivia. I flew with David on several of these flights to transport food, volunteers, and equipment. The airplane was a huge moral boost after months of not having an airplane operating in Bolivia. We even delivered a portable sawmill from Bolivia to a new project in Colombia were a new school is forming.

David ready to fly as always, and Luis shooting documentaries in Bolivia for the next GMI DVD.

Before putting the saw in the airplane, it had to be cut down to fit as Susie looks on.

After delivering the saw, back in Guayaramerin, Bolivia. David and Cornellio.
Working on the Cessna 340 before it headed back to the states. Left to right, Herman, DJ, and Steve.

Soon we should have at least one airplane going with the others soon to follow. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and for your financial support. We hope to make a difference in Bolivia soon and are grateful for the many people that stand with us to support the missionary work being done here in Bolivia and around the world to advance God’s work.

Herman Gonzalez
Chief Pilot-Bolivian Low lands
Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Herman Gonzalez
Gospel Ministries International
Project Name: Bolivia Mission Aviation
874 South McDonald, TN 37353
1 (423) 473-1841 or 1 (423) 473-1842